Casa T´ho Pops Up

Not sense never have I ever seen an evening like Oct 12 in Merida.  A new concept store Casa T´ho has finally opened after months of teasers on social media.  It was like opening night at the opera.  In the first room the center piece was a tiara of old mexican coins from designer Daniela Bustos Maya whose things we have seen at Coqui Coqui´s boutiques but here she has more space to feature he clothes, jewelry and home decor.  Across the hall is the very popular Carla Fernandez of Mexico City´s first boutique in Merida and it does not disappoint.

Then you walk into a splendid Porfirio courtyard. It is rumored to become a cafe and that could be a very pleasant addition to this end of the Paseo.   On the left is a guayabera shop and on the right was my favorite shop, Made in Mexico con Amor.  MIMA is a very chic selection of well curated crafts from all over Mexico.

Shoppers that lament the lack of stock recently at Coqui Coqui since the owners took off to Bora Bora will find what they were missing at this new group of boutiques. So many of my girl friends were happy to see their favorites bags back on the shelf and some new models as well.  Now if only a nice shoe designer would pop up.


One of my favorite discoveries last night was a soap and perfume maker from Merida.  I loved their candles that were busts of famous Yucatecans called Sandovalis.