I came to live in the Yucatan in 2001 from New York City.  I had an Antique and Home Furnishing store on Broome Street in Soho called Naturemorte.  I lived a decade in Paris before NY where I worked in fashion and decorating.  It was not my intention to live in Yucatan full time but  I discovered a a passion for renovating abandoned houses.  A chance meeting with David Keeps of Travel+Leisure gave me and Josh, my partner at the time,  the idea of renting some of our houses to tourists.  At the time we started Urbano Rentals there were no Airbnb or Trip Advisor and few nice hotels.

So here we are in Merida and keeps getting better and better.  This blog is for our guests and friends.  Please follow us on Facebook & Pinterest & Instagram.  See the press release on the main page for more articles on Merida and the Yucatan that recommend Urbano Rentals & Best of Yucatan.