I came to live in the Yucatan in 2001 from New York City.  I had an Antique and Home Furnishing store on Broome Street in Soho called Naturemorte.  I lived a decade in Paris before NY where I worked in fashion and decorating.  It was never my intention to live in Yucatan full time but I discovered a passion for renovating abandoned houses.  A chance meeting with David Keeps of Travel+Leisure gave me the idea of renting some houses to tourists.  At the time I started Urbano Rentals there were no Airbnb or Trip Advisor and few nice hotels.

So here I am in Merida twenty years later and it keeps getting better and better.  This blog is for our guests and friends.  Please follow us on Facebook & Pinterest Instagram.  See the press release on the main page for more articles on Merida and the Yucatan that recommend Urbano Rentals & Best of Yucatan. Contact us directly through the website http://www.urbanorentals.com