What´s in my Garden?

When I moved to the Yucatan I thought I had a green thumb.  Turns out, I didn´t even have a tropical pinky finger.  My experience with tropical plants was limited to  atriums of glass buildings from the 80´s.  In fact I had a deep-seated aversion to heliconias and philodendrons.  My years in France made me long for a hedge or parterre.  I have murdered hundreds of roses and lavenders over the years.

The garden at my house, Meson San Sebastian for years was just two giant blue agaves and a wall of giant prickly pear cactus.  But now there is fragrance garden in the corner that has something blooming year round.  The lily pond is being taken over by giant lotuses.

One of my favorite varieties of hibiscus
Spending time in Andalusia these past few years I love having pomegranates in the garden. I small found this darker variety this year.
I love the flower and the fragrance of the local spider lilies. There are several variations in my garden.
This was my first lotus that opened in August of 2017. My pond has white and pink lotuses.
I started collecting wild orchids a few years ago and every few months I find a new variety. Some are local and some come from other states in Mexico

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