Eclipsed in Mayapan

Yesterday I posted some photos of Mayapan on my guide to the Yucatan city of Merida.  We have been renting houses in and around Merida for the past 15 years.   I love the little visited sites of the Yucatan.  Mayapan is just less than an hour from the center of Merida.

Whenever I find myself in the ruta puuc area I head over to Mani for lunch at El Principe de Tutul Xui.  It´s the very best place to have a poc chuc or relleno negro. I was happy with the hand made tortillas and guacamole since I no longer eat meat.  The convent was closed after lunch so we strolled around the grounds before heading back to Merida.hipstamaticphoto-525062098.482920hipstamaticphoto-525061941.611274If you are coming to the Yucatan check out my blog and website.

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