Merida´s Cemeterio General

A walk down the main road of the cemetery in Merida, Yucatan where the wealthy hacienderos made their Mausoleums in the 19th and early 20th century mostly in the Victorian Neo-Gothic style.

marble monument signed Almo Strena 1879

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Most of the monuments are virgins, angels and Jesus on or off the cross. but there are few interesting monuments like the girl with a duck from about 1920

girl with a duck circa 1920

There guided tours of the cemetery at night.  On the day of the dead the paseo de animas starts in the graveyard and parades up the Camino Real de Campeche past the Ermita de Santa Isabel Church and up to the Parque de San Juan.

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Should be on your top ten list of places to visit in Merida and it´s open every day.

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