Getting Floored

aI had forgotten how much fun it was to visit the factory in Ucu where cement tiles are made.  These tiles originated in North Africa and can be seen all over the Mediterranean. They came to the Yucatan in the ships as ballast along with the Marseilles terracotta roof times.  The pigments are mixed with white cement and water with a little sifted sand. Then a small portion is measured and poured from a scoop to the template.  When the template has been filled to the middle with colored cement a mix of grey cement and sand tops off the template and is pressed in these early 20th century presses.  You can see the stacks of completed tiles in the store room. An order of 100 square meters is taking about 6 to 8 weeks for delivery.


Here are some of the tiles in Meson San Sebastian from Mosaicos Traqui in Ucu.

And here are a few of the other floors in our houses at Urbano Rentals some old and old and some new.

My latest purchase………… a Maya Cross

The first thing I bought after I bought the house in Merida was a crucifix with a headless black christ with long white fitted underwear.  I´ve had my eye on a Maya cross for a while and have visited it 3 times but then a couple of days ago I was in a shop that I visit rarely and was just about to walk out when my friend asked the price of this cross in the window that I had not noticed… my heart stopped.  I held my breath.  When I heard the price and he didn´t buy it I pulled out my wallet and escaped with this beautiful cross and my friendship still intact…. I think.xoyh7215

Ay Ay Ay Ay


Surely someone somewhere has written about the tradition of the Trova in the Yucatan and they are building a fine new museum, school and concert hall to the glory of same. But the casual stroll though the main square on a Saturday night could be your introduction to this loveliest of traditions.  It´s a pay to play situation but will cost you less than AG in Florida who wants to investigate your private university scam.  One can also engage these troubadours to serenade your love (or just the person you stalk) for a song.  Here they are singing at our supper for Jorge Pardo´s birthday last year.