Casa Mexico at home in Merida and the Yucatan by the venerable photographer Tim Street-Porter and his ever charming ever clever wife, the writer Annie Kelly seems to have riled up the expat community to the point of writing hateful reviews on Amazon.  Oh well Vogue magazine seems to love the Josue Ramos house El Portico de la Candelaria.  Architectural Digest couldn´t wait for the book to come out so they published David Serrano and Robert Willson´s stunning home a couple of months early. Introspective Magazine  calls Merida suddenly stylish in their review. You´ll get a rare look at the artist homes of Jorge Pardo, James H D Brown and Javier Marin. There was a book signing at Downtown for the La Cienega Design Quarter´s Legends where World Studio´s  Keith Heitke and the gentleman architect Manolo Mestre lectured on the pleasures and pitfalls of living and buying in Merida. We are planning a book signing this Hanal Pixan in my Ermita house that is also featured in said tome.  So get your copy at Amazon and bring it to be signed November 1 by Annie Kelly and Tim Street-Porter or just go read the bitter expat reviews and have a laugh or cry.


*photo of Annie Kelly and a cock at Ermita