It was December 3 when I decided it would be a good idea to go see the art that had opened the night before.  December 2 was Noche Blanca an event twice a year when all of the museums and galleries are open until 2am and there are concerts and events all over town in the streets and in the theaters.  Well …

a new addition to the graffiti on calle 60

… it seems the galleries are all closed so best you can do it find your own art or graffiti in the streets which are blessedly empty of traffic on a Sunday.

It rained for a moment but I walked around for 3 hours thinking I´d stop for lunch but I never did.  The sky was glorious and I made it home just as the sun was setting for a late nap before dinner.   I wasn´t the only one tired after a lazy rainy Sunday in Merida.