Almost all of the beautiful old ruins have been bought up and ruined, in a certain sense, since I bought a ruin in Merida one August 16 years ago.  Merida has changed in so many ways for the better. But Gringos suburbanizing 18th and 19th century ruins is not one of them. My favorite thing to do is take photos of this changing city.  In the past I would like to walk around with a big Canon changing the lens and taking time to frame and focus.  These days it´s a more likely a quick shot with the iPhone while driving down the street.  Here I´ll post a few quickies street shots from my Best of Yucatan Instagram account.

They are repaving the streets and hitting water mains left and right.
The South Pole Bar. You aren´t likely to run into any tourist here.
A beautiful old ruin on calle 62
I love it when a friend moves into my neighborhood. Renovation almost finished.
Went over to the new Cafe Manifesto and then it started to rain.


Waiting for a friend to pick me up I shot this facade on calle 70 x 57 .
Shot while Ubering through the zocalo on a rainy afternoon as the sun was setting.
I got caught in the rain soon after I took this shot on calle 66 x 63. It´s unusual to see a piano noble in Merida.