Jeff Ware is a knife maker who came to Merida in 2010 from Philadelphia.  He makes knives of old silver Mexican coins, horns and exotic woods.  When I met Jeff he had a little studio in Garcia Gineres but on Sunday I was invited to a birthday party at his new

house in Cholul.  After lunch some of us went for a quick visit to his workshop that lasted for about an hour.  His craftsmanship is amazing and you can read about his journey on his website.   The knives seem to sell as fast as he can make them but if you are visiting Merida and want to buy something really special I would encourage you to get in touch with Jeff before you come, order a knife and go out to his studio and pick it up.  His photos are better than mine but here are a few I took.

a silver Maximilian peso knife with nail file
a small pocket knife
the blade of a almost finished knife
the birth of a knife
some hammers
a saw
and some steel
Making a blade
Maximilian ready to go
Ines the Muse