Stay in town and shop or take a cooking class at Los Dos.  You can always have another trip out of town.  If you are going to visit a beach here you have a large choice of places to start or end up.  The closest place is Progresso.  It was destroyed in a hurricane in 1988 so what remains is not beautiful.  They do have an impressive modern pier so the cruise ships arrive 2 or 3 times a week in season.  I have nothing nice to say about Progresso but this, it´s close.  The wealthy families have houses to east and the middle classes have their houses to the west.  The Canadians have spread out from West to East and so there is actually some life and food out in these beach communities around Progresso.  My house in Chabihau fell down in the next big hurricane of 2002 so I don´t spend a lot of time out on the coast any more.    Sisal is the town of choice when I need to buy seafood for a party.  Recently I tried a day pass out the Club de Patos.  The food was abominable but the place was lovely and it was nice to have cold drinks delivered by the pool or down by the beach.  No one around and a nice bathroom for a shower before heading home and swearing never to return.  I will.  Celestun is the place to go if you need flamingos.  They are not always there but in season there are thousands and it´s wonderful to glide up to them in your little boat.  Then there´s a boardwalk through the mangroves and a cenote.  You are sure to see many varieties of birds in the lagoon and on the trails.  There are a few popular restaurants in town on the beach.  I have no idea where you can get a shower before heading home however.

Those are the beaches within an hour.  Rio Lagartos is also a town with no shortage of flamingos and it has the added advantage of being near Los Colorados.  The pink salt lagoons where you must go take a selfie or two.  I like the lagoon ride there as you stop after seeing the flamingos and alligators at a sulfuric beach where you cover your body in stinky goo, take the fast boat back to town and head out to sea to wash off.  Then you head down the road a few miles to see the pink water before the sun goes down.

Back in town it´s trova night in the Plaza Grande and you can hire a stolling trio of troubadors to sing the trova or negotiate a price for coming home and singing for an hour.   You could also just go out to dinner.

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