Most visitors arrive on one weekend and leave on the following weekend and that makes a lot of sense.  Commerce comes to a halt on Saturday afternoons in Merida and starts again early on Monday mornings.  It makes sense to stay in town on the weekend and do your day trips during the week when there will be less tourists at the sites.  We have a several day trips designed for our guests at Urbano Rentals. We have edited the a combination of ruins, cenotes, haciendas and historic villages at a leisurely pace with good restaurant recommendations along each route.

There are the fixed events that happen every week in Merida but you can mix it all up any way you like if you are not here for a week. I recommend that one day you really must visit the cemetery. It was founded in 1821 outside the city on the Camino Real de Campeche on the site of the hacienda San Antonio X-Coholté.  It´s just a few hundred meters south of the Ermita de Santa Isabel church.

Saturday is a good day to visit Museums and Art Galleries.  Maybe even an artist studio or two.  Sunday is the day to walk around the main square and Santa Lucia park as there is very little traffic.  Get acquainted with Merida´s historic center.  Maybe visit both Anthropology museums. Monday to Thursday do your day trips keeping in mind the events that happen in the evenings back in Merida.  Friday is a good day to visit the Cantinas in town and do some shopping.  Have a night on the town.

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