Sunday is the day we residents of centro adore.  The streets are deserted. It´s a good day to take a buggy ride through town and up the Paseo.  (Just do it) It´s also the only day the streets are closed to traffic along the biciruta and you can rent a bike from 8am to 1pm.  It´s the day local families get together in restaurants to make a lot of noise or stare at TV sets so I´d avoid going to any restaurant with a TV on this day unless you are an anthropologist.   It is a good day to visit the Palacio Canton, the anthropology museum on the Paseo.  It´s a bad day to go the the beach unless you love a crowd.  There´s a dance band in the Santa Lucia park and once again there´s Ana Sabrina with her taco cart.  That seem to start around noon.

On Sundays the crafts people come from far and wide and set up booths in the Plaza Grande.  There are a lot of food stalls as well.  There are performances in the street front of the Palacio Municipal and later that night there will be dancing in the same street. There are 4 exhibition spaces and Museums on the main square,  Museo Casa Montejo, MACAY,  Olimpo and the Governors Palace.

The Cathedral at Sunset on Sunday December 2 2017
Hot Churros in the Gran Plaza
Casa Montejo on Sunday
Cotton Candy in the Main Square
The Governor´s Palace
Peon Contrares Opera House
Sunset on Sunday in the Main Square