Saturday 10 am there is a tour in English of the cathedral of  San Ildefonso. It´s your once chance to see the roof and bell towers. Saturday is also a fun day to head over to the Mercado Lucas de Galvez where you´ll want to buy plastic woven market bags to fill with exotic fruits and mole pastes.  Every square inch is Instagram worthy. You will work up an appetite here or loose it.  There are plenty of food stalls dispersed around the edges and I can never resist buying a stack of hot tortillas to snack on while deciding on which saint´s candle to buy.  You should pop into the old post office which is now the Museo de la Cuidad.  You´ll find interesting models of the city from different centuries and some contemporary art exhibits on the top floors, often good. There are many interesting shops around the market where you can buy a saddle or a spool of henequen twine.   It´s a good day to just walk around town poking your head in colorful shops and taking photos.   You might decide to see the art galleries as they are all open. Wander over to the Mejorada park where there a small folk arts museum and the old museum of trova is still open this fall.  My favorite little gallery is on the edge of Santiago Park.  Galleria Eskelera is on calle 70 x 57.  You can ask them for a gallery map and follow that to the other galleries. Saturday night you might want to spend at the Noche Mexicana.  So my advice would be have a big lunch and take a nap by the pool.

You might walk up and down the Paseo Montejo visiting the shops and stopping for coffee or cold drinks or sorbet and watch the people walking up and down the Paseo Montejo visiting shops and stopping for coffee or cold drinks or sorbet.  It´s an idea.

Noche Mexicana is a variety show that might feature a folkloric dance troop from Guadlajara or a trio of juggling clowns from Kanasin.  You never know but it´s always fun and it´s your first chance to have Ana Sabrina´s famous tacos.  If the entertainment is feeble you can walk up the Paseo Montejo and find a cafe or bar worth dropping in.  So many new places to try on the Paseo including the Casa Chica part of the Negrita empire or the cafe at Casa Th´o.  Sit on the corner and have a drink or sandwich at the Cafe Impala.  If you need an expat fix head up to Hennesey´s Irish Pub or Rosas y Xocolate has a nice moon light bar on the roof.

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