Yesterday we left about 11am from Merida to get down to Mayapan Archeological Zone in time for the solar eclipse.  We arrived within the hour to a virtually empty park.  We soon discovered there is not a lot of shade to be had at noon in late August.   On a normal day I would have stopped along the way in Acanceh or Tecoh.  From Mayapan I would normally go to Mama to see the convent.  We were hungry and decided to got strait to Mani.  El Principe Tutul Xui is still a great place to have lunch.  Unfortunately the Convent was closed and so I suppose Monday is not the best day to visit the Convent route after all.  We rushed back to Merida in time for a late nap.  Just as my head hit the pillow it started to rain. Another perfect day in the Yucatan.

The Caracol observatory is the main attraction for me. I was alone in the cool damp structure except for a family of swallows.
Here is the main pyramid of the site. It´s one of the few large pyramids one is still allowed to climb on the peninsula.
If you are not inclined to climb the larger pyramid there are a few other options.
There are few masks and carved reliefs and glyphs. This pair of parrots caught my eye.
Here is one of two large masks of the rain god Chaac with the Caracol in the background.
Between Chaac and the pyramid there is a small cenote.


I thought that the mask must have been taken from this relief but I read that there was a human skull in the niche when the ruins were rediscovered.
You´ll want to remember your hat and water as there are few trees and no shops at this site.