Don´t miss Izamal…

I go to Izamal about once a year.  Usually I´m with guests so I do the touristy things like the crafts museum and the convent. But yesterday I went just to see an antique dealer who had a few saints I wanted to see.  After spending all my cash there I went to town and used my debit card on some crafts at Hecho a Mano. All that shopping made me hungry so I went to the Restaurant Kinich. El Pricipe Tutul Xul in Mani has long been my favorite restaurant for the  classic Yucatecan cuisine but now Kinich has take it´s place.  Nothing in Merida compares to these two restaurants.  It´s a pleasure just to have a cool drink and lather the beans and habanero sauce on the freshly hand made tortillas.  The staff are all so friendly and attractive in their traditional dress.  It´s worth including Izamal as a side trip with Chichen Itza or Valladolid.  It´s also worth just heading there for the day from Merida without a to do list… For more daytrips see my Best of Yucatan blog.

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