Several times a year in Merida there arrives a little fair of artisans from the state of Oaxaca.  They set up their tents in a park and sell very nice textiles,  a few ceramics, some wooden toys and lots of food.  Today I visited the tents in the park at Santa Ana but often they set up in Parque de la Paz in front of the Centenario Zoo.   I didn´t see a lot to buy because I´ve been to so many of these street fairs in the past few years and I don´t need another bedspread or ceramic pot.  I do, however, plan to return and try the mole and tamales as soon as I can.


Red and Green Sauces for your Tlayudas and Huarachas
Outdoor dining in the park under an awning
There are several stands with authentic Oaxacan cuisine
Fresh natural drinks.  Horchata, Naranjada y Jaimaca
I tasted a very good cherry ice cream that tasted nothing like cherries
pan de muertos because it´s day of the dead this weekend
Embroidered blouses and shawls
A small selection of black pottery
Stalls of Textiles, Toys, Pottery and Food