While making cranberry sauce last week for Thanksgiving dinner one of my favorite bowls from Oaxaca cracked down the middle.  I was happy to find these two bowls from Hidalgo yesterday in Izamal.img_0464

I snapped up this T. Rex at the craft shop Hecho a Mano on the Parque Itzamna.img_0465

San Antonio has lost his baby, his palm and his halo but he still holds tight to his book. Dear Santa Rita has lost her skull and her cross.  Perhaps they will show up by some miracle in the future.img_0467

This is was what got me interested in visiting the antique dealer in Izamal.  Jesus H. Christ crucified but not yet glorified.  img_0468

And then unfortunately for my pocket book I stumbled upon this portrait of a New England gentleman.   He´s nicer than he looks and once I had a glimpse of his back side I had to have him.  Now I need a new house as he fit´s no where at all in my current abode. img_0470