The last thing I bought was this altar with a photo of the shrine of the Tres Reyes de Tizimin which sits in my hallway waiting for a more permanent home.  The first thing I bought in Merida was the crucifix  with the headless arm detached black Jesus in his Calvin Kleins back in 2001. I have found these religious curios irresistible ever since I snapped up a relic of the true cross at auction in Paris 30 years ago.  Sure, I know that the first commandment explicitly tells us not to make or own any images of anything in heaven above or on earth below.  I figure he will smite all those grannies running around with photos of their grand kids or all those self absorbed selfie-ites on Facebook before he gets around to smiting me for my love of saints.  At any rate I believe this was all settled to everyone´s satisfaction in 9th century Constantinople.

The Three Kings of Tizamin
Collection of Crosses at the Casa Ermita de Santa Isabel
San Antonio
Maria Madre de Jesus