In an old hotel on the Parque Itzamna is the shop Hecho a Mano.  It is one of the best curated stores for crafts in the Yucatan.  We loaded up on textiles and ceramics from Chiapas.  I reluctantly passed up a Pinochio from the state of Mexico.  But I found three of the animals made from wool scraps that I collect. My friend bought most of his Xmas gifts for his discerning friends in the film and music business from New York and Paris.  I just loaded up the car with gifts for myself and my homes.  These are some of the things we left in the shop.

I most often choose my stuffed animals from the look in their eyes.  This Tyrannosaurus Rex looks like he would not harm a fly.  I found a leopard that looks like he´s wearing vintage Balenciaga and a green rooster.  These were some of the best I´ve found anywhere  in Mexico.  img_0086img_0089This pair of iguana´s are going to the Casa Azul de Santiago to live by the ceramics from Patzcuaro.  Why one has spikes on it´s back and the other has holes is a mystery. img_0092There were many beautiful textiles. Some were blouses and dresses. The most unique were bed spreads and table runners.  I bought the one below to make a cushion for my sofa as it will blend in with the cushions I bought many years ago in Chiapas.   They gave us a 10% discount as we were “two handsome gentlemen” and they took or credit cards as we had no more cash.