About 10 yearsrs ago I gave up sugar which for me meant no coca-cola or dessert. So it´s really only on special occasions or that I have a little cake or chocolate…Like when my friend Ford Wheeler makes a cake or tarte and then I´ll have a double serving as in the photo above. I haven´t even had a sip of Coke since 2010.  But if you aren´t abstaining…

Have your Cake and eat it Too!

When I have a birthday or special occasion I always order the chocolate cake from C´est Pantastic .  The trick is to resist buying one of their gigantic cinnamon buns while standing at the counter.  Sometimes I avoid driving down their street if I´m feeling vulnerable.  You need to order the cake early in the morning or a day in advance.  My other favorite cake is the coconut cake from La Pigua restaurant.  Some years ago it was possible to order a cake but more recently it was not possible.  Try the Torta de Cielo if you find it on a menu somewhere.  I´ve never found one as good a friends cousin makes at home.  They have a decent torta at Beatriz Casellas but they are not in centro.  It´s a good place to order child´s birthday cake if sugar and cute are your priorities. Tres leches is the traditional birthday cake in Yucatan and you can find one in most bakeries.

Pan Dulce y Croissants

Take an early walk before the sun is too high and grab a bag of sweet breads at the French-Chiapas bakery Escargot or Escargo Rustico in Santiago, you can also have a coffee and eat in either of these places.   Latte Quattro Sette has the best coffee and avocado toast in Santa Ana.   But Pan y Kof.fee on the other side of Montejo also has a great breads and sweet rolls and croissants.   Soco Bakery is another great place for breakfast or to pick up bread, bagels and croissants.  They sell out often and early.  Manifesto in Santiago is not a bakery but they have great coffee.

We All Scream

The most famous sorbets come from El Colon and you should try the one located in the Zocalo.  The orange sorbet taste a bit like baby aspirin.  I like the fruity paletas at Janitzio better and it´s also on the zocalo right next to the Dairy Queen. For I sorbets I prefer at the places on the corner of calle 65 & 66 El Principe or El Principal or whatever.  They all have a variation on the same name. They have lots of exotic and tropical fruit sorbets and you can taste them all before deciding. The one down the street on calle 68 x 65 has the best coconut and peanut sorbets.  Pola Gelateria near Santa Lucia is the trendiest place to have ice cream and if you are abstaining they have a healthy new juice bar next door.

Last but not Least

You should fill your suitcase up with chocolates from Ki´Xocolatl.  The best location is now in Santa Lucia Park and they have excellent ice cream and desserts if you need a break in the afternoon. I can have about two sips of the frozen frappe before I start vibrating but at one time I could sit down and eat a half a box of the bon bons.  My favorite is the salty caramel filled one but for that you´d have to go to the location in the north which is on your way to the new Miyabi or Nectar.  Well worth stopping to stock up!  They have a 1000 acre Cacoa plantation and are associated with the Choco-Story Museum at Uxmal.  There´s a little pop up shop at Chichen Itza  where even I might be able to finish a frappe or two. They also have a little boutique in the Rosas y Xocolate hotel, bien sur.