Rapidly walking to lunch

Yesterday I finally found the time to run off to Izamal to visit an antique dealer that I met on Facebook.  I went with a friend who has similar taste, but a thicker wallet than mine.  Huge mistake of course .  He did buy the Saint Roc that I had gone to see but I found a trove of other treasures I was not expecting to find in the closest Pueblo Magico to Merida. After spending all the money I had after taking out my limit at the local ATM we dropped into the shop Hecho a Mano with low exectations.  Another HUGE mistake.  They have an small but well chosen shop full of crafts from central Mexico, Chiapas and Yucatan.

img_0041After a stupendous lunch at the Kinich Restaurant we wandered through the arcades looking for the new Coqui Coqui boutique and perfumery.  It wasn´t on google maps and no one seemed to know anything about it including the police. Little did we care the weather was fine and town deserted.  We crossed a small van load of tourist when we parked but never saw another.

An old bakery in a patio behind a sad little souvenir shop full of touristy crap

The plan as we drove into town was to grab a horse and buggy and go for a ride.  I find it´s the best way to observe the architecture in these colonial towns as your traveling at the right pace and right height to observe things you miss while walking or in driving.  In the past I have visited the artisan workshops in this way and it´s a pleasant way to spend the day.  There´s a very nice little craft museum on the square with part of the Banamex collection.

The backside of Our Lady

Having been to the convent of Our Lady of Izamal many times I was content just to walk around her.  Like many old ladies she seems more preoccupied with painting her facade than arranging her back side.  I´m determined to get to Izamal more often in the future as the stress and cares of the day melted away and Izamal is a tonic for the eyes and soul whether you are there for a day or an hour.  Here´s some of stuff for sale at Hecho a Mano and here´s what I found at the antique dealer´s house.