Shadow of Milena Muzquiz & Jose Garcia at the opening of Simon Fujiwara exhibit.

Merida has become a mecca for artists over the past decade and the number of galleries and cultural centers and museums have increased yearly.  Some well know international artist have houses in Merida like: Vija Celmins, Jorge Pardo & James H D Brown.  Mexican artist like Jorge and Javier Marin who have a beautiful hacienda and studio near Acanceh. Milena Muzquiz has a ceramic studio a block from one of my favorite folk artist Joe Kurhajec, who comes every winter.  A lot of the expat and local artist show at the Soho Gallery, Galeria Merida and Galeria La Eskalera.  Jose Garcia Gallery opening this winter right in my neighborhood but you´d better follow him on Instagram if you want to know what´s happening. Luz Perpetua Art Centre opened this winter just beyond centro in the Itzimna neighborhood.



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