Here it is the summer of 2016 and there are lots of new places popping up in Merida and mostly around the Parque Santa Lucia on calle 55 & 60.  Here is my old food blog  that you might enjoy rummaging through.  When I have guests coming to town with Urbano Rentals I give them a few options in the neighborhood of their rental but then for place I recommend for lunch or dinner is Apoala in the park Santa Lucia.  Fresh clean Mexican cuisine from the state of Oaxaca but updated to a modern palette and served with aplomb (my first time to ever use that word).   If it´s Friday night I send them to the Noche Mexicana the very interesting or very kitsch variety show and craft (crap) sale in the remate de Montejo.  And I send them there for Ana Sabrina´s delicious tacos (see photo above) & hot churros! Ana is also in the Santa Lucia Park on Sunday from around noon to 3 and I´m often there despite the loud god awful music.  The locals are dancing in the streets or porticos and there is a tiny little flea market in the square.   Santa Lucia was renovated a few years ago and now has become a mecca for restaurants and local gentry who would never set foot in centro 5 years ago are now flocking to Santa Lucia.   There is a new fish place inspired by the Pacific with no local seafood at all just opened by the Rosas y Xocolate hotel.  There is a Canadian bistro and burger bar.   I recommend you stop at the Ki Xocolatl belgium shop for excellent chocolate and coffee.  Opening soon in the park is a Peruvian restaurant currently located across the street.  There is also a good steak restaurant, if you eat steak. I hate them as spread out all over the park and started a music war with each restaurant competing to see who can blast out their speakers first.  The dreadful Chaya Maya spinoff is just half a block down calle 55.   Now the big news this summer is Mercado 60 which is a block up calle 60 and open from 6 pm to 2.30.  It´s a glorified food court in a deserted parking lot.   Check out the Urbano Rentals Facebook page for locations and more info.