I mentioned all the places in my last article about eating in centro but here are all the links and these places are actually all on the square, almost.

Apoala was my favorite place in town to eat before all the other restaurants opened in Santa Lucia. It´s still has the very best Mexican food in town but the tranquil ambience is all but gone.  The service is exceptionally good. I love the salads especially, all the ceviches & the squash blossoms.  Did I say crab tacos?  Yes crab tacos.  I recommend you have several of the first or second course.  I like them more than the main plates.

La Chaya is a tourist trap but if you are going to eat traditional Maya food and you don´t want to eat in the market stalls you may as well toss the dice and eat here.  It seems to be really popular with the Mexican tourists, not to be mistaken for locals.  But 5 minutes away in Manjar Blanco, the favorite restaurant of Chef Rick Bayless and my guests tell me it´s very good.

La Tratto & Bryan´s Burger Bar are part of a Canadian bistro chain that is very popular with the locals and the expats.  It´s a good choice if you are with kids.  There´s better pizza down calle 60 at Raffaello cooked by an Italian.  And you might as well take the kids up the street to Mercado 60.

Pita is a casual place with an Israeli menu.  I like the Humous and Falafel here but I prefer the dump around the corner called cafe Alemeda for authentic Lebanese cuisine with a Yucatecan twist.

Peruano on calle 55 and the park is new and I hear good things about the ceviche but I´ve not been, yet.

La Recova is a steak house and I did like the original location before I gave up meat.   But I find nothing to like about it now.

Rosa Sur 32 this should be your choice if you can´t get a table at Apoala.  The chef who opened Rosas y Xocolate´s dining room has returned to open this Baja inspired  space. Lately I have enjoyed my lunches here and especially if Daniela is your waitress.

Ki Xocolatl is the place to grab some Mexican-Belgian chocolate to take home or have a coffee or chocolate dessert after dinner.  Their home made chocolate and vanilla ice creams are the best in town.

500 Noches all I know about this place is they make a lot of noise, aka music.