Here are a few of the plants growing in my garden this summer.  I inherited a wall of tall prickly pear cactus and the Dr. Seuss plants when I bought the house.  I added a couple of blue agave that are huge now.  A bird dropped a Royal Palm seed 5 years ago and now that palm is 8 meters high. I´m most excited about the lotus that finally took root in my pond. I have given up murdering roses and lavender and moved on to the fine art of killing wild orchids.  My favorites are the ones from Vera Cruz that have blooms smell delicious and last a month or so. I have a new garden in the corner full of white flowers that release their odor at night.  Reminding me of my recent vacations in Morocco, Spain and Portugal.  My favorite time of year is when the orange and lime trees bloom with the and blend with the Oleanders.  I used to choose flowers for how they looked but now more often it´s for how they smell.

This was the second lotus to bloom in my water garden
This was my first lotus that opened in August of 2017. My pond has white and pink lotuses.
I love the flower and the fragrance of the local spider lilies. There are several variations in my garden.
One of my favorite varieties of hibiscus
Spending time in Andalusia these past few years I love having pomegranates in the garden. I small found this darker variety this year.
I have Amapola growing in pots because I have no where left for a big tree.
Flamboyant trees are all over the city so I don´t need one in my garden.
My favorite bougainvilleas are this bi-colored variety at Meson San Sebastian and the white one at Ermita de Santa Isabel
This is one of the most odorous´galan de noche´varieties in my fragrance garden. It is surrounded by jasmines, tuberoses and gardenias
One of the two giant agaves than dominate my garden at Meson San Sebastian
My newest orchid is a local beauty