Local 59


Local 59 is the latest cafe to open in the popular barrio of Santiago in the historic center of Merida, Yucatan.  You can go with a big group and sit at the community table or you can hide in the garden behind the orange tree with a friend.   The atmosphere is fresh and clean and fun.  The staff is friendly the  service is excellent.

Community Dining Room
The Front Dining Room

It´s the food that is a problem for me.  But it might not be a problem for you. I am really finicky about eggs and I don´t really like to eat eggs in restaurants.  There isn´t much else on the menu and what there is tends to be heavy like the poblano strips in cream or the tomato hash with bacon.  I´m not ever going to have pancakes or cake for breakfast. I have seen how slowly those calories burn off on tread mill.  I think a lot of people will really enjoy having breakfast in this artsy space.   I will enjoy having my breakfast in bed and occasionally I´ll drop in with guests like I did today.

Daily Bread
Frittata and Salad

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